Biomechanical - Energy

  • 2007Network Construction

    Location: Peiraeus
  • 2006Network Construction

    Location: Patra, Aigio
  • 2005Network Construction

    Location: Agrinio, Arta
  • 2003Construction of high-voltage transmission line

    Location: Λαύριο, Αργυρούπολη, Ολυμπιακό Χωριό
  • 2003Construction of medium voltage transmission line

    Location: Stagira, Nikiti
  • 2003Conveyor Cleaning - lignite systems

    Location: EPS Ag.Dimitrios
  • 2003Conveyor Cleaning - ash systems

    Location: EPS Ag.Dimitrios
  • 2000Restoration of old sleepers with new type plates

  • 2000Assembling - Disassembling transport and unloading of parts and materials with maintenance of mining equipment